Addie's Patchwork Playground

Game 2 of the Atelier Games project - Designer, director, 2D artist, level designer PC and Maccontroller Part of the Atelier Games series, where the game art is produced with fine-art production techniques. The game is an experimental platformer where players paint a quilted world through their own play made in collaboration with quilter Anne Sullivan. As players move Addie, an adventure-loving girl in dinosaur pajamas, stamps are left for different actions - running, climbing, and jumping. Players interact with the game by playing with a quilt made of conductive fabric in the real world. Info on this game can be found here.   

Lissitzky's Revenge

Game 1 of the Atelier Games project - Developer, designer, 2D artist, level designer

PC and HTML 5 browser game Part of the Atelier Games series, where the game art is produced with fine-art production techniques. Lissitzky’s Revenge is an action game based on the poster Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge (El Lissitzky, 1920) using paper cut-outs as the art medium. Developed in Construct 2. Developed for independent release on Game Jolt in 3 months. Info on the game and a download link can be found here.   This game was shown at Baltimore's Artscape Festival and at the Smithsonian American Art Museum's America Now: Innovation In Art event. It was also featured on Killscreen, Hyperallergic, and Smith Journal.


Dead Man's Trail

Oregon Trail-style zombie survival horror game - director, art director, 2D/3D artist, animator, level designer PC, Mac, and Linux Dead Man’s Trail is a horror survival game in the style of The Oregon Trail where players must manage the health and status of a traveling party and loot supplies in procedurally generated 3D environments. Info on this game can be found here.  


Game developed with e4 software - Art director, 2D Artist, and Animator

iOS, Android, and Amazon Kindle In this game, players guide a man who has inflated his head with helium up through the clouds and beyond. This was the first game for which I utilized non-digital art for the game's assets. Everything was created from craft foam and scanned into Adobe Photoshop. The game can be purchased here.  


Game developed with E4 Software - Art director, 3D artist/animator, 2D artist, level designer iOS, Android, and Amazon Kindle game Swarm casts players as HotRod, a spherical joy-roller trying to save his city from malevolent mecha-cops. Players can tilt their mobile device to move HotRod through multiple colorful environments. I was a Designer, Level Designer, Art Director, 3D modeler, 2D artist, and voice actor for this game. More information on Swarm can be found here.    

ABCs Learn & Sing 

Educational game developed with E4 Software - Art director, 3D artist/animator iOS, Android, and Barnes and Noble Nook This is the first game I put out with E4 Software. We designed, built and submitted the game to Barnes and Noble all within 3 weeks. This work included 26 animated 3D letter characters and animated backgrounds. I did the characters while directing students of mine on giving the backgrounds and interface elements a children's art look. The game's page can be found here.



Concept01_02Social Simulation Adventure Game

Social simulation developed with Educational Testing Service (ETS) - Art Director, 2D Artist Game for client Created artwork for a visual novel game where players must navigate various social scenarios. Game developed in collaboration with the Educational Testing Service.    

PixelRobotFactory01Assessment Micro Games

Serious games for student assessment developed with Educational Testing Service (ETS) - Art director, 2D artist, animator Game for client I developed art for a series of quickly developed games to be used by ETS for argumentation assessment.    

8903d475-c068-4758-87bc-06d90519b986Delivery Drone

Retro style newsgame - Art director, 2D artist HTML 5 Browser game Retro top-down “bullet hell” newsgame. Players are a drone pilot maneuvering around other drones while trying to pick up and deliver packages while avoiding houses where occupants want privacy. Developed for independent release in 1 month. This game can be played here.    

Onward and Life Quest 

Serious games developed for George Mason University ACE - Producer

Android games for client These two serious games apps were produced for George Mason University's Center for Advancing Correctional Excellence. I was producer on both titles and delivered them in six months. These games allow probationers to determine their own daily real-life "quests" for addressing their problem areas and track them via in-app calendar systems. Players receive in-game rewards for completing these real-world quests. Onward is a more "hardcore" experience that integrates real-world tasks into a role-playing system, while Life Quest is a more casual experience for players that focuses on management of real-world actions.    

CT final boards-8CT final boardsGame Design and Architecture

Game developed as part of Architectural Masters Thesis at The Catholic University of America School of Architecture Tabletop game For my grad school Architecture thesis, I designed an architectural design method based on game industry methodology and tools. The process was focused on the use of first-person 3D environments as a presentation tool to clients, horizontally structured teams, and studying the effect of play-based design methods on creativity. To teach and test the method, I created a board game that administered the method and playtested it with student groups from actual design courses at Catholic University. By designing their class projects through the game with equal opportunities to make changes, these testers reported experiencing more cooperative group dynamics than in the typical studio structure based around having one or two lead designers. They also reported that the relaxation of playing design as a game resulted in a greater pool of creative ideas to work from. The paper for this thesis can be found here: thesis research paper with design info  



IceBucket04Ice Bucket Challenge

Game created as response to ALS Ice Bucket Challenge HTML 5 Browser game I created this game as a response to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Players are me in a retro platformer, trying to collect my ALS donation while avoiding pits, lava, and buckets of ice water. The game can be played here.     


Global Game Jam 2014 game - pixel artist and animator

PC game

This game was created for Global Game Jam 2014. The theme was "we see things not as they are but as WE are..." Our game features Greek gods and goddesses battling to claim blocks with horoscope symbols on them by coloring them in their own way. Players can also choose their own horoscope symbols, giving them point bonuses when they claim blocks with their chosen symbol on it. The game is a "King of the Hill" variant of party multiplayer games like Super Smash Bros. or Towerfall. I was responsible for pixel art for both characters and environment tiles. Celestium is for PC (Mac coming soon), supports 4 controllers, and can be downloaded here.    

Star Sharks 

IGDA DC "Tighten Up The Graphics on Level 3" Game Jam Game - 2D and 3D artist PC and Mac This game is a shooter in the style of the 80's/90's board game Crossfire. It was created during the 48 hour "Tighten Up The Graphics On Level 3" Game Jam hosted at the Westwood College Arlington Campus. The art style is a parody to 80's Saturday morning cartoons such as Silver Hawks, Thundercats, and He-Man. Players take the role of either the heroic Star Sharks or the evil Dolphin Empire - trying to shoot bombs at the other's base with their turrets. The game can be played here.     

Clone Zombie Apocalypse

Tutorial game included with Game Character Creation with Blender and Unity - Developer, 3D artist/animator, and level designer PC and Mac game This game was produced alongside my book, Game Character Creation With Blender and Unity.  A mad scientist has created a horde of cloned zombies and has unleashed them on your town - how long can you survive before you're overrun? Building the game is part of the Chapter 10 tutorial on the Unity game engine. It is also downloadable as a Unity project with the book's project files. You can buy the book (and get the game) here.  

Susie's Summer Home

Global Game Jam 2012 project - 3D artist PC and Mac game This is an art game produced along with other local DC game designers as part of Global Game Jam 2012. Playable versions of the project can be found here:  Susie's Summer Home George Mason University GGJ project.    

The Nightmare Over Innsmouth

GDC China presentation level - Developer, 3D artist/animator, level designer PC and Mac game This is a project I did as part of my presentation for GDC China, which was based on this article. I modeled the setting of H.P. Lovecraft's The Shadow Over Innsmouth in the style of Tim Burton.  The player must escape the courtyard outside their Innsmouth hotel while avoiding the locals. Designed as a rough and SUPER low poly presentation demo, it demonstrates the spatial principles described in my Gamasutra article. It can be played here:  Nightmare Over Innsmouth GDC China demo.  

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